Post op update

Everything went well, traded the protective cast for the CAM boot just the other day. My cat has come back home as of yesterday so we’re both adjusting to this new reality. I’m still not walking yet as I still have stitches to be removed in the coming days, then physical therapy to get me walking & get the foot ready by the time I get the other one done in late August or early September once the fun summer things are over & done.

I’m planning to order the craft mesh needed to finish my personal mermaid wreath & also subscribe for 1 year of the video AI speech generator as I’m paid for end of March next week. I’m trying to do simple arts & crafts & get stuff caught up with this amazing new laptop to curb the boredom. I’m using my home office chair within my apartment and I’m home unless I have an appointment. I decided to do a virtual appointment yesterday with my regular therapist I usually talk to as I was definitely struggling. I knew it would be difficult which is why I opted to have just 1 foot done so I can still retain some independence.

I’m hoping to be back to doing photography & camera stuff asap I just need to get back on my feet. I won’t be horse riding or even riding my bicycle (which I’ve lent to my Mom so she could have a better ride) for a while but I’d like to stay outside the fence & capture content.