Frozen Peach Studios

DIY Paw Wreath Tutorial


  • 1 heart shaped wreath form
  • 2×2 packs total 4 of 8 in round wreath forms
  • Cable zip ties
  • Deco mesh or tubing in desired colors
  • Pipe cleaners/chenille stems cut in half
  • Ribbon(s) of your choosing

How to make it

  1. Open the 2 packs of round wreath forms and zip tie to straight edges of heart frame and each other. Add additional zip ties to secure the frames together and prevent flopiness.
  2. Lay tubing or mesh over frame and shape to desire, secure to frame with pipe cleaner
  3. Repeat step 2 until whole wreath is covered, this is the equivalent of 5 wreaths in 1
  4. Make the bow and place as desired
  5. Attach hanging element as desired