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DIY Valentine heart wreath tutorial

Follow this tutorial to craft your own adorable Valentines Day heart wreath! I bought about all the supplies at my local Dollar Tree store. You don’t need the extra wooden heart sign unless you just really want to have that as the wreath will be open in the center otherwise. Others use a rolling cutter and measuring mat, due to limited space I just use scissors and an 18×2 inch ruler. The 2 inch measurement lines up with the wreath frame. I added a tulle roll at the top.

The rose petals and candy heart stickers are just to add extra cuteness to the layout photo, though you may use a glue gun if you want to add those on the bow. I’ll be using the bowdabra tools to help me craft this wreath! The wreath I’ve made in this tutorial will be on display at the local pet supply store!

Supplies needed

  • Bowdabra
  • 1 heart shaped wreath form (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 heart shaped wooden sign (optional, Dollar Tree)
  • Valentine ribbons
  • Bow wire (a little extra or twine to hang)
  • 3 packs of mesh tubing 1 each of red, pink, and white or purple
  • Pipe cleaners cut in half (match colors as best as possible)
  • Tulle/deco mesh etc
  • Fake florals if desired (roses & carnations) ps how adorable are those hearts? All Dollar Tree!


  1. Gather supplies
  2. Measure the tubing to desired length, cut and shape as desired. Repeat until frame covered. Secure with pipe cleaner and attach to heart shaped form. Repeat this step until the entire form is covered. You can make any color pattern you like, I chose to do red & purple with pink in between. I used the mini bowdabra to hold my pipe cleaners and build my tube bows into it.
  3. Measure your hanging wire/twine, cut and apply to the frame
  4. Wood sign optional: if adding wooden heart sign like I have, remove hanging ribbon from back by slipping holder stop through the sign’s hole. Tie into frame as desired, then reattach hanging ribbon stop via hole. If you aren’t doing this skip to next step
  5. Craft your bowdabra bow with whatever ribbon you want, attach to wreath
  6. Attach bow to wreath, leave extra wire in front for mini bouquet
  7. Mini bouquet (optional): Remove fake flowers & leaves from stems, feed cut half pipe cleaner through flower and create knot. Add leaves and flower to other end too. Wrap other half of pipe cleaner around, add leaves & heart. Adjust as desired and add on bow on the wreath. Repeat as desired.
  8. Adjust bow & mini bouquet as desired, and you’re done! I simply included a few extra snaps. I also added a roll of tulles at the top.