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DIY Sunflower wreath tutorial

With a few supplies you’ll have an adorable sunflower wreath in no time! Items from Dollar Tree unless otherwise *noted*.

Some of the supplies are only available in 2 packs or more but once you make 1 you’ll want to make more! I did the calligraphy writing by hand myself. Detailed videos of the steps will be coming soon! I’m working on the tutorial wreath and recording the clips now, but this wreath is now unavailable until further notice next year. The video has been split into 2 parts.


Videos will be back soon, editing to add the AI text to speech and maybe some light background music.

Supplies needed:

  • 2 pack white foam disks
  • 2 pack 8 inch round wreath forms
  • Deco mesh in green, yellow and/or gold (Dollar Tree has packs of yellow & black mesh combo)
  • Mesh tubing
  • Pipe cleaners cut in half
  • Twine (for hanger)
  • Paint pens in yellow & black* (Amazon – may include extra colors so use to your liking white etc)
  • Spare cardboard at least the size of foam disks* (I use Fancy Feast inserts since I have a cat but cereal box etc works too)
  • Hot glue gun*
  • Glue gun sticks


  1. Open foam disks, take 1 and put the other aside for your next wreath
  2. Trace foam disk onto cardboard with pencil or regular ink pen and cut cardboard to shape, set aside
  3. Color thin side around disk with black paint pen and allow time to dry
  4. Glue foam disk to cardboard you’ve cut with brown side out
  5. Decorate to your liking with calligraphy and don’t forget to add the “seeds” with the black marker – allow time to dry while you craft the rest of the wreath
  6. Tie mesh tubing into wreath form – you’ll be gluing the cardboard disk to it. Allow 24 hours for glue to fully cure.
  7. Open your deco mesh – recommend starting from the inner ring outward
  8. Measure, cut and fold mesh as shown, this will make your petals and leaves shine – repeat until form covered as desired
  9. Secure leaves & petals with pipe cleaners and apply to wreath form
  10. Flip wreath and hot glue cardboard center to mesh tubing
  11. Attach twine hanger (simply tie it on) and you’re done!