Frozen Peach Studios

DIY St Patrick’s clover wreath tutorial

I was unable to find the 3 leaf clover wreath frame so I opted to use heart frames cable tied together instead. Almost everything needed can be bought at Dollar Tree.

Supplies needed

  • Bowdabra & mini bowdabra
  • 3 or 4 heart shaped wreath frames (Dollar Tree) if you can’t find clover frame
  • Zip/cable ties to attach the heart frames together
  • Rainbow ribbon
  • Bow wire (a little extra or twine to hang)
  • 2 packages per heart frame of green mesh tubing
  • Green pipe cleaners cut in half
  • Tulle/deco mesh etc
  • Fake florals if desired (clovers)


  1. Use zip/cable ties to connect the frames together, best if you have smaller ones as they won’t show so much.
  2. Place 1/2 pipe cleaner into mini bowdabra
  3. Measure & cut green tubing, place into mini bowdabra & secure with pipe cleaner then simply attach to the frame as desired. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all frames are covered.
  4. Measure & cut twine, attach to frame for hanging
  5. Use leftover green tubing to make a stem, cut to desired length & tie to form
  6. Craft your bowdabra bow as usual & attach to wreath
  7. Remove clovers from stems and place onto pipe cleaners, place as desired and finished!