Frozen Peach Studios

DIY Easter bunny wreath tutorial

Supplies from Dollar Tree unless otherwise noted with *

Supplies needed

  • Bunny frame
  • Craft fabric to cover the ears (this is where the glue gun will be needed)
  • Deco mesh 2 rolls per color (if doing multi-colored)
  • Pipe cleaners (aka chenille stems)
  • Mesh tubing (just a few inches)
  • Easter ribbon of your choosing
  • Decorative carrots
  • Bunny foot ornaments unfinished
  • Paint/paint pens* (my paint pens are from Amazon)
  • Glue gun*
  • Glue gun sticks
  • Cotton balls (also hot glue needed)
  • Bowdabra wire*
  • Bowdabra (or mini)*


  1. Lay bunny ear on craft fabric and cut to a little larger over each ear of the frame
  2. Use glue gun w/ stick to glue the fabric onto ear, allow time to dry. *I recommend doing all the ears at the same time so you don’t have to wait forever!
  3. Assemble deco mesh with pipe cleaners, cover round frame it will curl and you can adjust
  4. Measure & cut a short length of mesh tubing, tie on for whiskers
  5. Paint the paw ornaments, allow dry time
  6. Craft med-large bow with deco carrot and tie up top center into ears, leave extra wire and tie for hanger
  7. Craft small bow to place at bottom center of frame, place hot glue and press cotton ball firmly for tail and allow to dry. Leave extra wire for the paws!
  8. Tie the painted paw ornaments to the wire from the tail bow. You can push up and over through the center of the round frame or leave hanging, either way is super cute! Your bunny wreath is now finished, congrats!